17 March 2022 - 17 March 2022
11:00 - 12:00


E1029 (Stora Enso)

Trial lecture for appointment as associate professor - Annika Engström

Welcome to attend Annika Engström's trial lecture for appointment as associate professor on March 17th, 11.00-12.00 in E1029 (Stora Enso) or via Zoom Webinar

The Promised Land of Contradictions: The dynamics of learning in industrial operations


Industrial operations struggle with how to efficiently manage the daily workflow while at the same time, under uncertain conditions, renew to be competitive. Familiar and current knowledge is challenged by new and unexplored knowledge, planned activities are challenged by unforeseen events and hierarchical structures are challenged by cross-functional collaborations. These contradictory logics, together with technology and human action that are increasingly integrated into various work processes in advanced socio-technical systems, need new ways of leading and organizing for learning in industrial operations. This has great impact on the work organization within operations, where research and education continuously need to be updated, to prepare leader due to future challenges.

This is what Annika's trial lecture, held in Swedish, will focus on - Welcome!

Organizer: School of Engineering
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