21 February 2018
12:00 - 12:30


University Library

Kultur på Campus season's premier - Jonas Vogel

Wednesday 21st of February is the season premier for Kultur på Campus and on stage we'll meet one of Sweden's most established DJs, Jonas Vogel. Jonas Vogel has a long career in the DJ & club world. He has played in several major foreign nightclubs such as "Ministry Of Sound" in London, "Es Paradis" and "Bora Bora" in Ibiza, as well as in almost all Swedish cities. Together with Filip Jenven, he released the song Gypsy Drop in 2013, which today has over 10 million streams on Spotify and sold gold. In addition, he has several singles with over millions of streams such as remixes of Busy Doin Nothing (Ace Wilder), Ain't No Saint (Peg Parnevik) and his own Fireball. In Jönköping, Jonas is famous for creating the nightclub Monday JKPG and OPA together with Filip Jenven.

Wednesday 21 February, Jonas Vogel visits Kultur på Campus to play some tunes and give an insight into the life as a DJ and club organizer.

Welcome to the University Library, Wednesdays at 12!

Organizer: Jönköping University