21 oktober 2019 - 21 oktober 2019
11:00 - 12:00



Digitalisering i byggandet? Docentföreläsning, Peter Johansson

Välkommen till Peter Johanssons docentföreläsning!

Titel: Human-, Product-, Environmental- and Building Information Management. Why we need it and how to get it.


Buildings are complex products that were meant initially for human shelter and security. The industrialization allowed humans to work more and longer indoors and to use machines. The digitalization continually creates new opportunities and today, computers are the most important tools for engineers. The use of digital models in engineering design continuously improves the possibilities to evaluate building performance. In this lecture, it will be presented how simulation-driven design can be used to combine economic, ecological, and social values in the optimization of built environments. It will be discussed and exemplified why environmental information, information regarding manufactured products, and information concerning human behavior and preferences needs to be incorporated in Building Information Management (BIM). The challenge of using digital technology to collect and manage the information needed will also be described.

Arrangör: Tekniska Högskolan