4 februari 2021 - 4 februari 2021
14:00 - 16:00



Licentiatseminarium / Licentiate seminar - Salil Sainis

Title: The Influence of Al Alloy Microstructure on Conversion Coating Formation

Doctoral Student: Salil Sainis

Third-cycle subject area: Materials and manufacturing

Opponent: Professor Christine Blanc, ENSIACET, University of Toulouse, France

Examiner: Professor Peter Leisner, JTH

Principal supervisor: Professor Caterina Zanella, JTH


Due to the prevailing  circumstances as a result of covid-19, the licentiate seminar is going to be conducted remotely on a Zoom Webinar. We recommend that you connect to the Webinar in good time before the seminar starts. The audience will be able to see and hear but won't be able to send video and sound (to avoid the risk of disruption). After the seminar the audience will be able to ask questions, at least via the chat function.

To connect to the seminar:

1. Click on the Webinar-link: https://ju-se.zoom.us/j/68844609845
2. Click on the link at the bottom, “join from your browser” and you do not need to download Zoom
3. Click  ”I agree”
4. Enter your name and click on ”Join”
5. For light settings, click on the small arrow next to the microphone icon if needed. There is an audio test you can go through to make sure the right speaker is plugged in.

If you have any troubles when connecting to the link you’ll be able to contact Paula Lernstål da Silva via the chat function and she will try to guide you right.

Please note that the grading meeting will take place in a so-called “break-out room” also in Zoom (a digital group room). Once the opponent, the examiner and the supervisors have had their meeting, they will re-connect to the webinar to inform the respondent and the audience about the grade. Those of you, who want to hear the announcement of the grade, shall remain connected to the webinar.  

Welcome to attend the seminar!

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