9 April 2021 - 9 April 2021
13:00 - 15:00



Higher seminar: What happens to learning design processes in the digital transformation to online teaching and learning (during Covid-19)?

Assistant professor Lillian Buus, VIA University College, research leader of the enivronment Learning & IT

I have an interest in Learning Design as a methodology for designing for digital mediated learning, and seen in the light of Covid-19 and the rapid digital transformation from traditional teaching to online teaching I have seen some interesting findings in a national research project on covid-19 and experiences with online teaching and learning. I would like to present some of these findings and relate them to the known facts on how to design for learning in general and from
a Learning Design perspective.

Zoom: JU-SE.ZOOM.US/J/7262330985

Organizer: School of Education and Communication
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