27 april 2022 - 27 april 2022
12:00 - 13:00


B7030 and Online - contact for zoom link

MMTC Research Seminar presented by guest Vejune Zemaityte

MMTC seminar presented by guest Vejune Zemaityte: “Network analysis as a tool for studying screen media industries”

In this talk, Vejune Zemaityte from the Cultural Data Analytics (CUDAN) Lab (https://cudan.tlu.ee/), Tallinn University will discuss how network analysis methods can be used to study screen media industries. Drawing upon examples of her past work performed as part of multidisciplinary research groups (and often in collaboration with industry partners), Vejune will showcase varied applications of network methodologies, ranging from drawing networked data models to re-imagine relational structures of large datasets to employing social network analysis for untangling the national structures of gender inequality.

The seminar will be conducted in a hybrid seminar. We are meeting in room B7030 or on zoom

Arrangör: Media, Management and Transformation Centre
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