10 June 2022 - 10 June 2022
10:00 - 11:30


The Pentecostal Church (Pingstkyrkan)

Graduation Ceremony School of Health and Welfare

Friday 10 June

Where: the Pentecostal Church (Pingtkyrkan) in Jönköping, Västra Torget

When: The ceremony starts at 10.00 and lasts until about 11.30.

Gathering: Each programme gathers at 08.30 in the Pentecostal Church (Pingstkyrkan).

PLEASE NOTE! Family members are admitted to the church and can take their seats at 09.30-09.45

More information at: https://ju.se/student/en/studies/graduation-ceremonies-and-completion-ceremonies/school-of-health-and-welfare.html

Organizer: School of Health and Welfare
Last updated: 2022-05-16 11:38