5 oktober 2022 - 5 oktober 2022
12:00 - 13:00


B6046 and online

MMTC Research Seminar presented by guest Marcus Thiell

MMTC Research Seminar presented by guest Marcus Thiell - Associate Professor at Universidad de los Andes School of Management, Bogotá (Colombia).

Marcus will present a seminar entitled "The Antifragility-dilemma of Global Supply Chains – the Colombian Perspective".

Having experienced several significant disruptions over the last two decades, supply chains around the world are increasingly requested to restructure their design. Identifying high levels of supply chain fragility as potential root cause for such disruptions, the creation of anti-fragile supply chains might be a corresponding response to satisfy diverse stakeholder expectations. The benefits may be manifold, e.g., strengthening of local economies, reduction of transport emissions, reduction of agency- as well as transaction cost.

Focusing on Colombia, a country characterized by premature deindustrialization, the likely impact of anti-fragile supply chain designs will be discussed, guided by the question: are supply chains around the world equally prepared to make such design-shift and would they equally benefit from it?

Arrangör: Media, Management and Transformation Centre
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