23 September 2022 - 23 September 2022
15:00 - 17:00



Conflict over Palestine - movies directed by young girls about their everyday life on the outskirts of Jerusalem

Date: 23rd September
Room: Hc113, The school of Education and Communication (HLK)
Time: 3-5 pm

In March 2022, the French association “Le vidéobus” did a film-project in Az-Zayem - east of Jerusalem - with 18 school girls in collaboration with the French consulate of Jerusalem and Odeh films production. 

These films shot by young Palestinian women offer a unique look at the outskirts of Jerusalem as well as the conflict. The aim is to allow these teenage girls to have access to an artistic practice and to offer them a means of expression through way of cinema.

The lecture is held by Aya Bejermi, a Franco-Palestinian who lives in Jönköping. She did her dissertation for Master of Laws regarding Syrian and Palestine refugees. She is now a PhD student at Science Po Bordeaux in France. As a member of “Le vidéobus” she participated in the film project in East-Jerusalem. 
After the screening, these will be time for an open discussion.

The lecture is arranged by the Global Studies programme at HLK and open to all student at JU.

Organizer: School of Education and Communication
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