11 May 2023 - 11 May 2023
16:00 - 17:00



CeFEO Practitioners Network Seminar

Welcome to the CeFEO Practitioners’ Network Seminar:

Date and time: May 11th from 16.00-17:00 via Zoom

Ownership Strategies in the family business

Ownership strategy is a relatively new concept but a promising approach to solving the ownership paradox. Ownership strategy offers the owner a tool that would be directed and applicable to guiding the managerial and governance systems of businesses. Ownership strategies are created for a specific need: the situation in the family, a certain question in the business, the need to control the group of businesses or the proactive management of the family members’ positions in the family business.

The Finnish Family Firms Association (2020) has defined ownership strategy as follows:” The owning family defines together the values, purpose, objectives, and measures guiding the ownership. These among others are the basis for ownership strategy that creates the framework for the board of directors’ decision making.” Krista and Marita will present two approaches to ownership strategy.

Speakers:  Krista Elo-Pärssinen (Family Business Expert, Ph.D., Senior Advisor at Finnish Family Firms Association) and Marita Rautiainen (Associate Professor LUT University, CeFEO Affiliated Researcher Jönköping International Business School)

Organizer: Centre for Family Entrepreneurship and Ownership
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