13 januari 2021 - 13 januari 2021
11:00 - 12:00



Docentföreläsning - Ehsan Ghassemali

Välkommen till Ehsan Ghassemalis docentföreläsning den 13 januari, kl 11.00-12.00! Pga rådande omständigheter genomförs föreläsningen digitalt via Zoom.
Länk till Zoom: https://ju-se.zoom.us/j/67076382081?pwd=RnN5TnhCY1NXdnhNVWRQR0QwcGEyUT09

Titel på föreläsningen:

In Quest of High-Performance Metals


Lighter, yet larger aeroplanes for net-zero emission flights; development of modern renewable energy production and storage; crash-resistant vehicles. These are just a few examples of technological advancements that are only possible to achieve using novel high-performance materials capable of handling harsh working conditions. Developing such materials also minimizes the need for service, maintenance, and re-manufacturing, thus improving the sustainability aspects in grand societal and industrial challenges. This lecture presents the most modern strategies for the design and development of next-generation high-performance metallic materials (alloys). The research integrates computational modelling as well as experimental studies and has huge potential for interdisciplinary collaborations. These studies accelerates industrial innovation by opening new horizons for developing methodological tools, with far-reaching implications in strategic sectors ranging from energy storage to transportation and aerospace engineering.

Arrangör: Tekniska Högskolan
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