4 juni 2021 - 4 juni 2021
10:00 - 12:00


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Slutseminarium - Anders Nersäter

Välkommen på Slutseminarium för Anders Nersäter

Diskutant: Prof. Inger Eriksson, SU
Läsgrupp: Prof. Ylva Lindberg, Fil. Dr. Anders Dybelius HLK och Doktorand Helena Anderström.


Titel: Enquiry and Source-based History Teaching - What do students need to learn to be able to handle Historical Sources and use Second-order Concepts?

Projektbeskrivning: This compilation thesis investigates how students tend to understand historical sources, use specific second-order concepts and how instruction might be designed to facilitate their learning while they participate in enquiry. The thesis is based on data collected in two intervention studies conducted in Swedish upper secondary school. The research lessons were designed as enquiry and source-based units framed by the concepts of evidence, historical empathy, and causation. The subject matter revolved around Modern Imperialism-the scramble for Africa and Decolonization and Conflict in Rhodesia.

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