4 June 2021 - 4 June 2021
10:00 - 12:00


E1405 (Gjuterisalen)

Licentiate seminar / Licentiatseminarium - Live Mölmen

Title: Materials Reliability in PEM Fuel Cells
Doctoral student: Live Mölmen
Third-cycle subject area: Materials and Manufacturing
Opponent: Professor Ulf Jansson, Uppsala Universitet
Examiner: Professor Anders Jarfors, JTH
Principal supervisor: Professor Peter Leisner, JTH

Due to the prevailing circumstances as a result of covid-19, the licentiate seminar is going to be conducted remotely on a Zoom webinar. We recommend that you connect to the webinar in good time before the seminar starts. The audience will be able to see and hear but won't be able to send video and sound (to avoid risk of disruption). After the seminar the audience will be able to ask questions via the Q&A or via the chat function. If you don't have the possibility to participate digitally, it will be possible for some few (max 11) to participate in the room E1405 (Gjuterisalen) at JTH. 

Link to join Webinar: https://ju-se.zoom.us/j/69057846409

Welcome to attend the seminar!

Organizer: School of Engineering
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